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Mauro Martins  &  Viviane de Farias                                                    

" A fulminant duo ...  An economical setting and yet, what musical richness! " BADISCHE NEWS

"... funky samba, sensual bossa, powerful explosions and almost inaudible sound experiments. Spectacular scats and total voice control." JAZZ THING

Balakumbala's sound has a very strong energy.  Groove and heat move us with original arrangements. Congratulations on your beautiful work! "  MARCO LOBO, brazilian percussionist

"... a characterful voice and an enormously versatile string instrument deliver an original and thrilling intimate overview of brazilian music with a complete new perspective". JAZZTHING


" Viviane de Farias - Ambassadress of bossa in Germany. " JAZZTHETIK

" The music we love will continue."  TANIA MARIA

" Bassist Mauro drückt wieder dermassen virtuos auf die Tube dass zumindest die Instrumental-Kollegen auf die Stühlen stehen werden und alle anderen nach Luft schnappen. Tolle Musiker und ein intesives Duo." GITARRE UND BASS 

" Le meilleur de la musique brésilienne." BLUE NOTE, Paris

"Dieses Duo ist eine Art Zaubermaschine: Man tut wenig hinein und bekommt ein Vielfaches heraus. Stets finden sie etwas Neues ... Martins E-Bass ersetzt lässig ein Orchester, während Farias alle Register beim Gesang zieht. Das ist Performance zum Hören. Stark!" Nordbayern

BALAKUMBALA is a breathtaking tête-à-tête which adds to contemporary Brazilian music a thoroughly new and captivating perspective, stripped down to the extraordinary talent of Viviane de Farias and Mauro Martins.

The daring journey of VOICE & BASS has rarely been undertaken in Brazilian music. Although there are so many excellent singers and also a host of highly skilled bass players, this unusual teaming up is hardly to be found...

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                                   New CD Live at Bird's Eye Basel

Jan 22-25 Mauro on Tour with Morello -Wakenius            Jan 25-26 Workshop /Concert Paris                                  

Feb 8 Vivi at Staatstheater - Karlsruhe                              Feb 20-29 Mauro with Bossa Russa Moscow/New Siberia    

March 7-8 Bala at Jazzkeller - Frankfurt                               March 13 Bala Knabenschule Darmstadt                        

April 27  Live Stream at Jazz Club Karlsruhe's YouTube 

June 17-20 Summer week Bird’s eye 20 years      June 28 Vivi at SWE Ettlingen                              

August 22-29 Vivi’s Vocal retreat Chateau Chazelles     
August 25-30 Mauro on tour with Morello  

September 6 Bala at Women in Jazz Halle             Sept 26 ViVi at Stimmkulturen NRW                       

Sept 19-20 Workshop Vocal Musikhochschule Würzburg       

Oct 27 Kulturhaus Mannheim                                   
Oct 31 Workshop Vocal Kulturhaus Mannheim      

Dec 19-27 Residency St. Moritz 

Following are canceled dates due to Covid -19

March 12 Mauro with Morello and Jost Erlangen

March 14 Mauro with Morello and Jost

March 18 Vivi Pforzheim

March 20-22 Bala Recording - Frankfurt

March 28 Vivi at Stadthalle - Ettlingen

March 29 Vivi in Zürich

April 16 Bala Jazzclub - Hannover

April 17 Bala Just Jazz - Rotenburg

April 30 Bala at Women in Jazz - Halle

May 22- June 11 Bala in Brazil

Balakumbala feat: armando Marçal

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